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DWS Buys 210 Rental Homes Under Construction For €80 Million

Following this operation, the German firm's build-to-rent portfolio in Spain is now worth 416 million euros.

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DWS has agreed to acquire a development comprising three residential buildings in Barcelona from the property developer Culmia for 80 million euros, through one of its German real estate funds. The project, which is already under construction, will comprise 210 homes, which will be delivered in two phases: the first 68 flats are due in September this year and the second batch of 142 homes are scheduled for 2022.

Culmia has just bought several plots of land from Vía Célere in Sevilla. In 3 years, the firm’s investment in rental housing is expected to reach 1.96 billion euros, while its on-going build-to-rent projects involve the construction of 7,500 homes, according to Colliers.

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