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Developers Plan 12,000 Homes in La Marina Vermell, the Jewel of Barcelona

The Barcelona City Council has approved the creation of the Oficina de la Marina, where developers such as AQ Acentor and Culmia, the former SDIN and Solvia will build up to 12,000 homes.

La Marina de Port Vermell en Barcelona 1

The Marina del Prat Vermell project will transform a 75-hectare industrial area in Barcelona’s Sants-Montjuïc district to create a new neighbourhood with 12,000 homes and 28,000 inhabitants. Private operators will fund most of the investment, with 338.7 million euros.

Of the 12,000 homes, 5,160 will be subsidised. There will also be 1,086 housing units for groups with difficulties and 5,700 free housing units. The new neighbourhood is the result of a recent modification to the General Metropolitan Plan (MPGM) and a new special infrastructure plan for the Marina, approved in 2019.

Some 320,000 square metres of surface area are reserved for retail and services. The City Council believes the development will create between 8,000 and 11,000 new jobs.

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