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Defence Resumes its Property Auctions with Assets Worth €19M

The Ministry of Defence is resuming several real estate auctions, convened before the outbreak of the pandemic, through which it hopes to raise up to €19 million.

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Ministry of Defence.

The Institute for Housing, Infrastructure and Equipment (Invied), an agency that operates under the Ministry of Defence, has decided to resume the public auctions that it had convened before the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis and whose processing was interrupted, according to the Official State Gazette (BOE).

The real estate assets that are being auctioned include commercial premises and various real estate properties distributed throughout Spain, through which the Ministry led by Margarita Robles hopes to obtain up to €19 million. Some of these assets had previously been up for auction and had not received a single bid, so if no one offers anything for them, they may well be purchased directly.


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