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Dazia Capital Puts 8 Luxury Homes Up for Sale in Central Madrid

Darya Homes, the property developer brand owned by Dazia Capital, has launched Almagro Residences, a luxury property refurbishment located in one of the smartest areas of Madrid.

Portal Almagro 1 1
The entrance to the property located in Madrid.

Luxury and high-end housing appears to be withstanding the economic shock from the coronavirus pandemic better than most. In this way, the investment firm Dazia Capital has decided to launch a new project through its developer: Darya Homes. It is a unique building, whose luxury characteristics are going to be restored whilst preserving its protected features. The property dates back to the end of the 19th century and is going to comprise 8 exclusive homes for which there will always be a buyer, say those responsible for the project.

Daniel Mazin, CEO of Dazia Capital, explains to why this marketing campaign is being launched at a time when other companies are delaying their projects and decisions until September. “Residential sales are closely linked with buyers, and in our case, high-quality housing in good locations is continuing to attract interest from buyers outside of Madrid and from Latin America,” says the director.

Read the full article in Spanish.


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