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Dazia Capital Negotiating to Invest €300 Million in Build-to-Rent Projects

Darya and the management and investment company Dazia Capital are launching two new business lines aimed at short and medium-term rental and rental development, with a total expected investment of 300 million euros.

LeticiaPerez DaryaHomes2
Leticia Pérez, Director of Real Estate at Dazia Capital and Darya Homes.

Darya Homes and Dazia Capital are the two faces of a powerful company with expertise in housing and private equity. The company was founded in 2013, with a focus on city-centre development. “We are location investors, we look for good locations, and we are flexible when it comes to selecting the right project for the area,” Leticia Pérez, Managing Director of Dazia Capital, explained to

Darya Homes is the development arm of Dazia Capital, the management and investment company founded by Daniel Mazín. The former develops the fund’s projects, primarily located in Madrid, Barcelona and the Costa del Sol. The firm has an existing portfolio of 1,000 homes and 25 projects and plans to deliver 200 homes this year. It also plans to begin work on another 250 projects during 2021.

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