Culmia & Vía Célere Join the Build-to-Rent Boom with 3,600 New Homes

The property developer controlled by Värde is starting work on several projects comprising more than 2,400 rental homes; whilst Culmia is going to make its debut in the segment with 1,200 units.

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The property developer Vía Célere is continuing to bet heavily on the build-to-rent segment and, in this vein, has selected plots of land in Madrid, Málaga, Valencia, Sevilla and Baracaldo (Vizcaya), where it is going to develop a portfolio of 2,431 rental homes.

Specifically, this project will account for more than 10% of the current land bank capacity of the firm controlled by the investment fund Värde Partners, which has the potential for the construction of more than 21,000 homes in total, according to Expansión.

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