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Crisis Fails to Halt Sales of Commercial Assets: €1.9 billion on the Market

The Covid-19 pandemic led to a decline in investment in retail assets, with a total volume of €2.3 billion, a figure similar to that expected in 2021, according to EY.

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Investment in retail assets – especially large shops – has undergone a series of changes in recent years. The construction boom of recent decades and the increase in online shopping led many investors to opt for other types of assets. However, despite this, large-scale operations have boosted investment totals to the point where they have become a real estate benchmark. But what’s happening after the pandemic?

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Fuente: EY Analysis.

According to EY’s Retail Property Telescope report, in 2020, investment in commercial assets worldwide reached 93 billion euros, 33% less than the previous year. Of this, 39% went towards acquisitions in the American market, while Emea, and especially Europe, became increasingly important for the retail sector, with 38% of the total.

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