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Corporate Deals in the Real Estate Sector Soar

Large companies are seeking to consolidate their positions by expanding through M&A operations.

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After months of social and economic paralysis, 2021 began with a bleak outlook due to the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide.

However, more than halfway through the year, prospects no longer seem quite as worrying, as activity in the real estate investment sector has exceeded forecasts.

This is the case with both direct property sales and the corporate arena. Large investment funds and companies have taken advantage of the current situation to carry out major corporate acquisitions, increasing the volume of real estate investment and beginning the much-awaited consolidation of the sector.

AfAfter the last property crash, the real estate sector was left without any major players in the housing market. However, the arrival of investment funds and banks’ return to the industry allowed dozens of development companies to launch.

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