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Company Creation Fell by 6% in January with Hospitality and Construction On the Decline

Commerce and Construction and Real Estate Activities were the sectors with the most new business openings, exceeding 1,500 in both cases, according to a study by Informa D&B.

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During the first month of the year, 7,432 companies were created in Spain, according to the Study on Business Demography conducted by Informa D&B (a subsidiary company of CESCE). That represents a drop of 6% compared to the 7,894 new companies that were registered during the same period in 2020, and a 9% fall compared to December.

However, the money invested to create these companies decreased by an even greater extent (44%) to 513 million euros. The region with the highest accumulated capital investment was Madrid, with 132 million euros, followed by Cataluña with 81 million euros. In both cases, the amounts were much lower than in January 2020, down by 56% and 67%, respectively.  

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