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Colonial Sells its Last Two Logistics Assets to Prologis

Colonial has completed the sale of its 473,000 m2 logistics portfolio to Prologis, following the transfer of two 59,000 m2 warehouses located in San Fernando de Henares.

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The operation has been definitively closed with the sale of the last two assets that the Socimi Colonial owned in Spain, specifically, two logistics warehouses located in San Fernando de Henares, spanning a total surface area of 59,000 square metres.

The sale of Colonial’s logistics portfolio to Prologis has been carried out in three phases. Previously, in August 2019, when the agreement was signed, Colonial made a first sale to Prologis of 11 facilities spanning a total of 314,000 m2. Then, in July of this year, the company signed the sale of a second package of logistics assets, as per the initial agreement, spanning an area of 100,200 m2.

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