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Colonial Places €500 Million in Debt and Demand Exceeds Supply by 3x

The Socimi has completed a debt issuance amounting to 500 million euros. The transaction will be listed on the Spanish bond market as of 14 October, and the bonds will accrue a coupon of 1.35% and will expire on 14 October 2028.

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Colonial has successfully placed its debt issue amounting to 500 million euros in total. The operation has been structured over 8 years, with a coupon of 1.35% maturing in October 2028.

The markets have widely supported the Socimi’s issuance, with demand exceeding its volume by more than three times. In terms of investors, the Socimi highlighted the participation of several institutions, which have been present in previous issues and which “have once again shown their support for the company” led by Pere Viñolas.

Read the full article in Spanish.

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