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Colonial Launches a By-The-Hour Rental Service for its Coworking Centres

Colonial's coworking subsidiary is seeking to attract clients from companies that want to provide their employees with new workspaces to complement their headquarters.

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The company Utopicus, owned by Colonial, has launched a new ticket-based service for people wanting to work from its coworking centres for a few hours a day or a few days a week. In this way, the Catalan Socimi’s company wants to become a solution for those companies seeking an appropriate space for their employees to work outside of their offices.

The tickets to access the coworking centres will cost between €10 and €20. Utopicus considers it to be economical because, according to the Colliers Occupier Cost Index study (2019), an office space in Spain costs 484 euros per month. In this way, employees can work from Utopicus’s coworking centres on the days they want and in the location that best suits them.

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