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Cofinnimo Finalises the Purchase of 24 Nursing Homes in Spain & Italy From Batipart

The listed company is negotiating the acquisition of portfolio Vega comprising 18 nursing homes in Spain and 6 in Italy, for an amount close to 350 million euros.

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Cofinimmo, the Belgian real estate company that specialises in health care, has confirmed that it is in exclusive negotiations with Lagune, a subsidiary of the French group Batipart, to acquire its portfolio of 24 nursing homes, located in Spain and Italy.

Last year, the Batipart group, a holding company owned by the French Ruggieri family, commissioned Natixis Partners and Crédit Agricole to sell its mega-portfolio of 24 nursing homes. This transaction will involve the group’s total divestment from the nursing home sector in Spain, where it currently owns 18 assets.

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