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Christian Hannover Sells his Real Estate Investments in Madrid

Between December and January, Hannover and his Colombian partners sold two residential buildings that they owned in the Spanish capital, one on c/Hermosilla and the other on c/Núñez de Balboa.

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In just one year, Christian Hannover and his Colombian partners in Spain have disposed of all the real estate assets that they owned in Madrid. The first sale took place at the end of 2020, specifically, the building located on Calle Hermosilla number 60 was sold to a Mexican investment group advised by the Aztec lawyer Rafael Ojeda for around 11 million euros.

In addition, at the beginning of 2021, they also sold their purchase option over the building located on Calle Núñez de Balboa, number 3, to the Mexican group Terralpa. The property itself is owned by three Venezuelan partners, according to El Confidencial.

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