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China is the Country that Requests the Most Golden Visas in Spain Despite Covid

Spain is one of the EU countries that has granted the most Golden Visas, with a corresponding annual investment of almost 1 billion euros, according to the advisory firm AvaLanding.

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China continues to be the country that requests the most Golden Visas to move to Spain. Golden Visas are one of the ways that non-European investors are able to live, work and start a business legally in Spain.

To obtain a Golden Visa, you can -for example- buy a property for 500,000 euros or more; acquire shares in a Spanish company for one million euros or more; start a business project in a strategic sector for Spain; or deposit one million euros in a Spanish bank. In fact, the promoters of the initiative have asked for the minimum investment required to be reduced to 250,000 euros, given the ravages of the coronavirus on the sector.

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