Residential Rental

The Government will Subsidise up to 60% of Homes Allocated to Increase the Rental Stock

The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda has modified the State Housing Plan and, in addition, has ordered a €346 million advance to the autonomous regions by way of aid.
Advero ganó un 44% más.

Advero Earned 44% More with its Rental Home Socimi

In 2019, the Socimi recorded revenues of €489,194 and a net result of €64,724, up by 44% YoY.
Advero ganó un 44% más.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Rental Contracts and the Real Estate Market

The State of Emergency declared by the Spanish Government through Royal Decree 463/2020, Royal Decree 10/2020, dated 29 March and the rest of the...

The Number of Households Rose to 18.6M in 2019, of which 18.3% were Rental Homes

Last year, the number of households reached 18.6 million in Spain, up by 0.5% compared to 2018. Meanwhile, the average occupancy level remained at 2.5 people per dwelling.