Nursing Home

What Is the Nursing Home Sector Like in Spain?

In Spain, there are 363,581 beds in nursing homes, which are asymmetrically distributed across the country. The province of Barcelona has a shortage of 11,124 units; whilst Madrid needs to add another 5,220 beds to its supply.

The Aging Spanish Population: a Gold Mine for the Real Estate Sector

By 2050, 31.4% of the population in Spain will be aged over 64 years due to aging and a longer life expectancy. The supply of nursing homes for the elderly will need to double its capacity to keep pace.

Spain Needs to Double its Supply of Nursing Homes for the Elderly to 785,000 Beds

By 2050, 785,000 residential beds will be needed, which will require an investment of 35 billion euros, in a sector where only 8% of assets are owned by investment funds.

The Spanish Firm Healthcare Debuts on the Euronext Paris With a Portfolio Worth €310 Million

The Socimi specialising in hospitals, clinics and homes for the elderly, will debut today on the European index.