A Ruling from the TSJCV Forces Elche to Modify its PGOU to Allow Building Work 50 Metres from the Road

Elche City Council is going to have to modify its General Urban Development Plan after the ruling issued by the Supreme Court of Justice in the Community of Valencia.

Altamira Offers Discounts of 20% on More than 2,800 Properties

The campaign spans all of the segments in the sector and includes new and second-hand homes, offices, premises, industrial warehouses, parking spaces and plots of land ready to be built on.

La Generalitat Approves the Purchase and Subsequent Sale to Hard Rock of the BCN World Plots

La Generalitat has authorised the public company Incasòl to purchase, from La Caixa for €120 million, the land where Hard Rock is going to build the hotel and leisure macro-complex BCN World.

The Ministry of Defence Convenes New Auctions to Sell 24 Properties in Ten Provinces

The Ministry of Defence, through its own Institute of Housing, Infrastructure and Facilities (Invied), has announced the public auction of 24 buildi...