Key Players Celebrates its Second Birthday

It was just two years ago, when Spain's streets were unprecedentedly empty and the world was facing one of the most serious health crises in deca...

The Merits and Shortcomings of the Housing Act

It’s been a pretty turbulent week as far as housing legislation is concerned. On the one hand, the draft State Housing Act received support from ...

Offices: We Must be Optimistic, We Will See 2019 Figures Again Relatively Soon

Pedro Luengo, Director of the Office Investment area at Knight Frank, speaks to about the office market post-Covid.

The Ageing Population and Senior Housing Options

A new generation of grey-haired citizens, empowered by their increasingly better health and more plentiful economic resources, are factoring in their well-being when it comes to choosing the housing model and city where they want to live out their final years. This represents a challenge for city managers and the real estate business ecosystem, but it is also an opportunity for the development of new models, both in terms of architecture, as well as in terms of new management, operation and financing formats.