A Hotel in Girona is Sold for €14.5 Million to Build 90 Homes

With a total surface area spanning 2,900 square metres, the site will be used to build 90 eco-sustainable homes.

Hotels Overcome the Pandemic With High Occupancy Rates & Strong Investor Appeal

Investment in hotels in Spain grew by 22% during the first half of the year compared to a 15% decrease across Europe as a whole.

Líbere Hospitality Exceeds 700 Units and Opens New Assets in Pamplona & Córdoba

The company already has a presence in ten of Spain's largest cities offering a range of accommodation options.

Room007 Buys 3 Hospitality Assets on the Iberian Peninsula & Announces its Plan to 2024

Before the end of 2022, Room007 plans to expand its portfolio with another five hostels, this time in Valencia, Málaga and Madrid.