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Cataluña Facilitates Coliving through the Construction of Mini-Flats with Shared Spaces

The autonomous government has given the green light for the construction of mini-flats spanning 24 m2, with both public and private operators.

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A mini-flat for sale.

A decree that has already been approved by the Generalitat will regulate this new housing formula known as coliving, which is designed to “welcome certain groups, such as young people, the elderly and expatriates to joint he fight against the housing emergency,” state sources from the Executive.

On Wednesday, the Regional Minister for the Territory, Damià Calvet, detailed to the media that the new apartments will have a minimum useful surface area of 24 m2 each, to which 12 m2 would be added through common areas. As such, each home will span the minimum 36 square metres established by the Generalitat’s livability decree.

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