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Capriles Conducts an €11 Million Capital Increase for his Coworking Subsidiary

The Venezuelan businessman has completed a €11.4 million capital injection into his real estate firm Agartha Real Estate, which specialises in coworking spaces.

Miguel Angel Capriles Agartha
Miguel Ángel Capriles, President of Agartha Real Estate.

Miguel Ángel Capriles López, President of Agartha Real Estate, has decided to increase the share capital of his real estate subsidiary, which specialises in the acquisition of real estate assets for the development of coworking and coliving activities, by 11.4 million euros, according to La Información.

The capital injection comes in the midst of a debate about flexible workspaces following the coronavirus crisis. After this expansion, the coworking company’s share capital amounts to 20.68 million euros.

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