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Build to Rent Investors Ask for 15% Discounts given the Impact of the Crisis

The crisis has caused many property developers to consider the possibility of selling developments dedicated to rent to investors. But they are clashing over price - operations are starting with a gross yield of 5-6% - and inappropriate design.

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Property developers are trying to optimise their land and development portfolios with the conversion of homes dedicated to sell (build to sell) into homes dedicated to rent. But the reality is more complex than that. “We have analysed more than 650 developments, of which only 51 fulfil the basic requirements to be able to be marketed as rental properties”, explains Mikel Echavarren, CEO of Colliers International.

In 2019, €2.5 billion was invested in the build to rent segment according to the consultancy firm JLL. And in 2020, before the outbreak of coronavirus, €260 million had already been invested; all to expand the existing stock of 2.5 million homes, which the experts estimate will need to grow by 2 million units over the next 12 years. 



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