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Brainsre Launches a Free Big Data Service for Investors

Starting today, the real estate big data platform will offer access to a marketplace containing batches of assets from different servicers and intended for qualifying investors.

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Extend the data culture across the entire real estate sector. That is the objective of Brainsre, the real estate big data platform launched a year ago by the real estate group Aura REE. It aims to give the entire real estate business access to the most complete and transparent information.

“Brainsre’s three main business lines are: content, technology and international expansion,” explains Alejandro Aguirre de Cárcer, CEO of Brainsre. “In terms of content, we are constantly collecting information and data that our clients need, from the most relevant news about the real estate sector in Brainsre.news, to real estate and socioeconomic data to the details of censuses and individual inquiries. In terms of technology, we are creating a visualisation platform for this data that is integrated into the daily use of our clients. Through a close relationship with them, we have developed the features that really make their jobs easier. Furthermore, as many of our clients operate in multiple markets, international expansion is a natural next step, and we are leveraging our experience in the countries where the group already operates such as Portugal, Italy and Greece”.

Read the full article in Spanish.


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