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BMO Buys the Building on Avenida Portal del Ángel, 9-11 for €80 Million

The property is rented to the fashion firm H&M and to Disney.

Portal de lAngel 1 web 760x428 1
Avenida Portal del Ángel in Barcelona

The fund BMO Real Estate Partners is finalising the details of its purchase of the building on Avenida Portal del Ángel, 9-11 , for more than 80 million euros.

The purchase operation is being carried out through the Best Value Europe II fund, according to Eje Prime. The property’s offices are occupied by the fashion firm H&M, which operates its headquarters for Spain from there. H&M also rents some of the commercial space in the building, together with Disney, which occupies the other commercial premises on the ground floor.

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