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Blackstone to Manage Land for Third Parties through its Servicer Aliseda

Aliseda announced that it is opening up its management to funds and banks, “clients who are similar to us and who do not specialise in urban development management.”

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The firm Blackstone will manage the urban development processing of land for other funds and banks through its real estate servicer Aliseda. Aliseda is the real estate servicer of Quasar, a company owned by Santander and Blackstone, which controls assets linked to the former Popular.

American alternative investment management company’s objective is to open up Aliseda’s urban management operations to third parties, beyond Quasar, according to an interview with Aliseda’s managers by Cinco Días. Blackstone paid Santander €5.1 billion in 2017 to acquire 51% of the portfolio. The land portfolio was initially appraised at more than €1.5 billion.

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