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Blackstone to Exclude its Socimi Torbel Properties from the Stock Market

Torbel Properties, which owns residential and commercial assets worth more than 200 million euros, is going to be delisted from the Stock Market and withdrawn from the Socimi regime.

Oficinas de Torbel Properties fuente google maps 1
Torbel Properties’ offices in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona). Source: Google Maps.

The Socimi Torbel Properties, which is controlled by the US fund Blackstone through its real estate manager Anticipa, will submit a motion at its next Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting, to be held on 28 December, to delist its shares, which are currently listed on BME Growth (formerly the MAB).

The proposal comes at the request of its sole shareholder, Empire Holdco. Likewise, the company will also withdraw from the tax regime applicable to Socimis.

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