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Blackstone, Goldman and LoneStar Bid More Than €400 Million for the Selenta Hotel Chain

Several international funds have submitted offers to acquire the hotel chain, which owns five assets in Barcelona, Marbella, the Canary Islands and Valencia.

hotel mare nostrum de Selenta Group 1

The Mestre family is negotiating the sale of its Selenta hotel chain to an international fund for around 450 million euros. The reason for the possible sale is the impact of the health crisis due to Covid on the sector, according to Ejeprime.

In this sense, several large international firms such as Blackstone, Goldman Sachs and Lone Star are analysing the operation. Selenta’s portfolio is made up of five high-quality hotels, comprising around 2,600 rooms, distributed across Barcelona, Marbella, the Canary Islands and Valencia.

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