Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Blackstone, Cerberus and Lone Star Led the Purchase of NPL Portfolios

The three account for more than half of the €142.4 billion in asset purchases that have taken place since 2015, according to Axis Corporate.

Private equity funds, the traditional buyers of non-performing debt, expect to acquire the majority of the unpaid loans like they did following the crisis in 2008. 

The most active players between 2015 and 2019, the five years with the most activity in this market in Spain, were Blackstone, Cerberus and Lone Star. The three accounted for half of the €142.4 billion in asset purchases that took place during that period, according to research conducted by the consultancy firm Axis Corporate. 



How Covid is Affecting House Prices: Map of the Decreases by District

The coronavirus crisis is causing house price decreases of up to 70% in some municipalities in Castilla La-Mancha, the Community of Valencia and Andalucía.

Property Developers Launch Large Urbanisations Post-Pandemic

Between April and August, work began on 996 developments in Spain with the ten largest comprising 1,691 homes. Of those ten, which are located in Madrid, the Basque Country, the Community of Valencia and Andalucía, four are being built by Amenabar.

Fearless Despite the Crisis: Property Developers Start Work on More than 27,000 New Homes Since April

Between April and August, work began on a total of 996 developments and 27,882 homes in Spain, according to data from the real estate big data platform Brains RE, with Amenabar, Habitat and Aedas the most active players.

Madrid Backs Luxury Housing to Curb the “Suburb Effect” of the Pandemic

Moncloa and Chamberí overtake the neighbourhood of Salamanca as the districts with the most expensive new build homes in the capital, whilst in Moratalaz there are no new build homes on the market.

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ACS Will Carry Out the Renovation of the ‘Torres de Colón de Mutua Madrileña’

The objective of the insurance company is to start the renovation work on the iconic office building in Madrid this year so that it will be completed in 2022.

The American Operator Costco Arrives in Paterna with an Investment of €100 Million

The store opening, which is expected to involve an investment of around 100 million euros and result in the creation of 250 jobs in the Valencian municipality, is scheduled for 2023.

Real Estate Activity Suffered an “Abrupt Decrease” in the Second Quarter to Fall by 12.6%

Data from the Real Estate Activity Registry Index (IRAI), prepared by the registrars, indicates an 'abrupt' decline in Q2, in marked contrast to the general upward trend since 2014.

Kronos & Nuveen Join Forces to Construct 5,000 Build-to-Rent Homes in Spain

The American fund Nuveen and Kronos have created a joint venture called Stay to build 5,000 build-to-rent homes in Spain in which they will invest 1 billion euros over five years.