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BBVA Asks to Renegotiate the Rent on Almost 1,000 Branches

The bank has hired four real estate consultants to renegotiate rent reductions of close to 20% with the landlords of half of its branch network in Spain.

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Many banks are struggling to make money due to the EU’s policy of keeping interest rates negative as a result of the health crisis. Some have chosen to merge, such as CaixaBank and Bankia; whilst others have decided to lower their operating expenses. In this context, according to various financial sources, BBVA is asking the landlords of 1,200 of its branches in Spain to lower the monthly rent.

Official sources at the bank chaired by Carlos Torres have confirmed the information to El Confidencial; although they clarify that this review is affecting around 900 branches and that such a procedure is standard practice in the sector.

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