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Barcelona Threatens to Expropriate Empty Flats from Large Owners of Residential Properties

The Catalan capital's City Council has warned 14 large property owners, who together own 194 apartments, that they must rent out their properties within one month or face their expropriation.

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Barcelona City Council has sent a letter to 14 large owners of 194 apartments, advising them that if they have not rented out their properties, or if they are not in the process of being leased, within one month, after having been empty for more than two years, then they will face their expropriation.

If the expropriation is carried out in the end, the process should take around six months and will affect both the use and ownership of the property, unlike the expropriations conducted to date, which have only had an impact on the use.

Read the full article in Spanish.


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