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Barcelona Records its Largest Fall in House Prices for 5 Years, According to Brains RE

House prices in Barcelona have decreased by almost 1.98% in just three months, however, in the most expensive neighbourhood, apartments are still being sold for almost one million euros on average.

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Barcelona has always been one of the most expensive and difficult places to buy a home. In this context, the average house price in the city reached 4,649 euros per square metre in the third quarter of 2020, with an average property price of 497,659 euros. That figure more than doubles the average price in the autonomous region of Cataluña as a whole, despite the decreases experienced in recent months.

Specifically, in Cataluña, the average house price per square metre amounted to 2,074 euros in Q3 and the average property price rose to 307,693 euros, according to data collected by the real estate big data platform Brains RE.

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