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Barcelona City Council Buys 2 Buildings for Social Rental Housing in Eixample

Barcelona City Council is going to invest 7.8 million euros in the acquisition and renovation of the two properties.

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El Eixample, in Barcelona

Barcelona City Council has acquired two buildings on the green axis of Consell de Cent, in the Eixample district. The municipal investment amounts to 7.8 million euros and includes the purchase and renovation of the properties, at a price that is 27% lower than the market average. In total the properties comprise 24 flats, which will be used for social and affordable rental housing.

Specifically, the first property is located on the corner of Calle de Villarroel and Consell de Cent, in the Antiga Esquerra del Eixample. The building comprises 16 apartments, as well as an office and a commercial space on the ground floor. Currently, all the flats in this property are empty, with the exception of one home, whose contract will be subrogated. The building was purchased for four million euros, and a further 1.6 million euros will be invested in the renovation.

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