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Azaria Looks to Acquire New Assets to Jump to the Continuous Market

The socimi is looking to increase its portfolio to between 300 and 500 million euros over the next two years, compared to €150 million at present.

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The Socimi Azaria, which is managed by the Spanish firm Drago Capital, is pursuing a growth strategy that will allow it to make the jump from BME Growth, where it is currently listed, to the Continuous Market.

The real estate investment company is negotiating the acquisition of a range of assets to increase the value of its portfolio to between 300 and 500 million euros. It currently has €150 under management.

Azaria is seeking to buy properties with long-term rental contracts that may or may not need to be repositioned, as Francisco Silvela, Drago Capital’s general manager, told El Economista. Mr Silvela stated that the socimi is also open to corporate operations with the delegation of assets for management by the Socimi. This way, the socimi would be able to “diversify risks and delegate management.”

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