Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Mario Nicolini, head of Valuation en Aura REE Italia

The Italian Real Estate Market in October

Residential The City of Milan approved the new plan to transform the former Mameli barracks into houses. After having been closed for a long t...

The Italian Real Estate Market in September

Residential Merope Asset Management acquired a portfolio consisting of 10 trophy assets in Rome for 100 million €. The assets are mainly villa...

The Italian Real Estate Market in August

Residential UniCredit granted financing for 10.47 million € to Gong Capital (Casillo Group) for the restructuring of an entire building in Mil...

The Italian Real Estate Market in July

Gva Redilco reported that real estate investments in Italy amounted to 2 billion € in the second quarter of 2021, corresponding to approximately ...


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