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Árima Temporarily Cancels its Incentive Plan due to Covid-19

The Socimi Árima, which paid its board members €972,000 in 2019 compared to €104,000 in 2018, has announced that it is temporarily postponing the accruals for its long-term incentive plan due to Covid-19.

Proyecto de oficinas de Árima Socimi

The Socimi Árima, the project created by the former managers of Axiare after that firm was taken over by Colonial, has announced the temporary postponement of the accruals for its long-term incentive plan, due to the Covid-19 situation.

“At its meeting on 7 May 2020, the Board of Directors agreed, accepting this offer, not to implement any long-term incentive plan this year, and that it will be up to the Appointments and Remuneration Committee to make the appropriate recommendations to the Board on the future of said long-term plan depending on the evolution of events”, said the Socimi in a statement to the National Stock Market Commission (CNMV).

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