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Arextech, the Prop-tech Launched by 2 Former Goldman’s Employees that has Conquered Sareb and Colliers from Toronto

Two Spaniards with experience in investment banking have launched a successful start-up from Toronto that seeks to digitise the entire real estate purchase process and they have already convinced firms such as Sareb and Colliers.

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Sergio Beato, Miguel Linera-Alperi, Pablo Garnica and Ignacio Suarez, partners of Arextech.

Spaniards, from Madrid and Asturias, with experience in the City of London who are now based in Toronto. That is the geographical footprint of the ideologists behind Arextech, a proptech that, just one year after its launch, has managed to seduce leaders in the real estate sector such as the international consulting firm Colliers and Sareb.

“Our vision is based on digitising the real estate market and, for this, we design and develop collaborative tools that allow the scaling, automating and simplifying of complex processes both in the field of management and in the execution of transactions”, explains Miguel Linera-Alperi, one of Arextech’s partners, speaking to brainsre.news.

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