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Ares to List its 2,500 Rental Homes on the Stock Market on Friday

The investment fund is finalising the IPO in France of its Socimi with 2,500 homes, all located in Madrid.

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On Friday, the fund Ares Management, founded in 1997 and with assets under management worth more than USD 88 million, is going to debut on the stock market the portfolio of rental homes that it has created by investing in Spain over the last two years.

Ares has placed all of the homes, close to 2,500 units in total, in a listed real estate investment company (Socimi), which will make its debut on the French Euronext index on Friday 29 May, according to El Confidencial. The initial plans of Ares came about because the company was going to trade on the MAB but, in the end, it has opted for the French index, according to the newspaper.


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