Aragón Approves the Expansion of Plaza for Amazon’s Macro-Warehouse

The multinational intends to develop the 33.5 hectares situated next to La Peñaza, in a project that will cost an estimated €16 million.

Plaza plataforma logística
Zaragoza Logistics Platform (Plaza).

On Thursday, the Government of Aragon approved the ninth modification of the supra-municipal project involving the Zaragoza Logistics Platform (Plaza), which includes its expansion to allow for the opening of a large warehouse by the e-commerce giant Amazon.

In this way, the platform will be expanded by 33.5 hectares with a marketable surface area of 203,120 square metres. About 800 people are expected to work at this logistics centre once it is operational. Its cost will exceed €16 million, between the acquisition of the land and the development work itself, whose execution time is expected to last 6 months. In future phases, another 204.7 hectares will be released with a total investment of €100 million, according to El Periódico de Aragón.


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