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AQ Acentor Receives the Green Light to Build a Mega-Project in Valencia

The company will invest around 350 million euros to build an urban project spanning more than 168,000 m2, which will house retail, leisure, hotel, residential and office areas, amongst other services.

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The property developer AQ Acentor, owned by the German manager Aquila Capital in Spain, has obtained authorisation from the Generalitat Valenciana to develop a new tertiary-use mega-complex in Turianova, the new neighbourhood next to Nueva Fe, on a plot spanning almost 500,000 square metres.

Having received the green light, the company is planning to build a new neighbourhood almost from scratch. Specifically, it will invest around 350 million euros in building a 168,000 square metre urban macro-project, which will house both commercial and leisure areas -which will span 77,000 m2-; as well as hotel and sports facilities, 1,200 homes, offices and other services.

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