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AQ Acentor Leases Part of AQ Urban Sky (Málaga) to IHG Hoteles & Resorts for the First Staybridge Suites in Spain

With an investment of more than 175 million euros, AQ Urban Sky will have a constructed surface area of more than 77,000 m2, comprising two towers that will house around 450 homes and more than 500 parking spaces.

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IHG Hotels & Resorts is going to open the first Staybridge Suites in Spain in Málaga. Following the signing of a rental agreement between AQ Acentor and IHG’s Borealis Hotel Group, the more than 300 rooms in the AQ Urban Sky’s North Tower have a new operator, in the absence of a second brand.

Specifically, Staybridge Suites will occupy 105 rooms located between the second and sixth floors of the North Tower. Once opened, the asset will become the first hotel to operate under the IHG Hotels & Resorts brand in Spain, having established itself in areas such as North America, Brazil, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

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