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Anticipa Teams Up with Inviertis to Streamline Asset Sales

The servicer has reached an agreement with the proptech, which specialises in the sale of real estate assets with tenants, to sell the assets of this type in its portfolio.

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The servicer Anticipa has reached an agreement with the proptech Inviertis to streamline the sale of properties with tenants to investors. In the coming days, the platform is going to start offering five or six of the properties managed by the servicer owned by Blackstone and Banco Santander. In addition to Anticipa, the company is also going to offer properties managed by Hipoges, according to reports by EjePrime.

The CEO of the proptech, Rebeca Pérez, has assured that for the time being, they will make just “few assets” available to users in order to “guarantee the relationship with the tenants”, who the company supports throughout the sale process to provide them with security.

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