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An Investor Buys 7 Plots in Villalonquéjar for €5.5 Million

The investment group, whose identity has not been revealed, has also reserved three more plots spanning another almost 85,000 square metres.

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In recent weeks, the Villalonquéjar Consortium has pushed ahead with the process of selling land on the industrial estate, specifically the plots resulting from its fourth extension. An unnamed investment group has acquired 97,000 square metres on the site, distributed over 7 plots. The consideration paid for the operation, which has now been closed, amounts to 5.5 million euros.

The identity of the investment group remains a mystery. The buyer has demanded the utmost confidentiality from the Consortium and so no further information has been disclosed in this regard. However, it has been confirmed that it is an investor who intends to “prepare the ground for a third party, for a company with an interest in settling in Burgos.” It could be a freight transport company, but the Consortium rules that out, according to the Diario de Burgos.

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