Amazon Opens Another New Centre in Madrid in addition to those planned in Murcia and Aragón

Patrizia Amazon Getafe logistics
Amazon’s warehouse in Getafe.

The company opened a centre in Illescas at the beginning of 2019 spanning 100,000 m2 to house voluminous products, stored in a high-rise configuration with a significant degree of robotization. Since the middle of the year, work has been on-going on an extension of the facility to 300,000 m2, which would make it one of the largest in Europe. The opening is scheduled for 2021. Amazon’s new centre in Alcalá de Henares will also be for these kinds of heavier packages.  

Alongside these two large warehouses for large packages, the e-commerce giant also has another important building under construction in Sevilla, which will measure almost 200,000 m2 – and which went on the market in September – and other smaller facilities in Murcia, Aragón and A Coruña.


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