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Amancio Ortega Reorganises his Assets: Pontegadea Absorbs the Equestrian Firm Grilse

The owner of Inditex has unified his real estate portfolio in Spain with the absorption of Grilse by Pontegadea Spain and the carve-out of the UK assets into a new company.

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Amancio Ortega, the largest shareholder of the Inditex group, has once again reorganised his assets. Pontegadea Spain has absorbed the equestrian firm Grilse, which owns the Casas Novas equestrian centre, located in Arteixo (La Coruña).

This restructuring, which was reported in July, has resulted in the dissolution of Grilse. Until now, that firm was chaired by Ortega’s wife, Flora Pérez, with their daughter, Marta, and José Arnau as advisors. Nevertheless, with effect 1 January, the equestrian company has been absorbed by Pontegadea Spain.

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