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Álvaro González (Madrid City Council): “We Will Create 3,800 Rental Homes During This Legislature”

Madrid City Council is planning to invest 195 million euros in housing during 2021, as revealed by the Housing Manager in an interview on brainsre.podcast.

In the photo, the Head of the Department for Housing at Madrid City Council, Álvaro González López

Madrid City Council’s Popular Party councillor and Head of the city’s Housing Department, Álvaro González López, confirmed in an interview with brainsre.podcast, that the city is planning to build 3,200 apartments for rent across 38 developments.

To increase the public housing stock, the councillor assured that his department is “buying housing on the secondary market.” He also pointed out that his team has launched the Reviva Plan in order to recover and restore empty, disused homes for use for rent.

Read the full article in Spanish.


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