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Alternative Assets Lead the Real Estate Investment Ranking in Q3

With an investment figure equal to that of the office segment, alternative assets ranked in the top 3 for investment during the third quarter, amounting to 1.176 billion euros (equivalent to 24% of the total for real estate sector).

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Real estate investment is currently living through an unstable economic environment. The devaluation of the euro, the conflict in Ukraine and the rise in interest rates have all had an impact on capital, which is already in a period of reflection with the aim of evaluating how to approach this new era in the real estate sector worldwide. Meanwhile, doubts remain over how this particular year will end.

In this context, Spain remains in the sights of international and domestic investors alike. Investment in the real estate sector for the 9 months to 1 October amounted to 13.1 billion euros and is on course to set an annual record by the end of the year, exceeding even the previous market peak, registered in 2019.

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