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Altamira Creates Ádsolum, a New Company to Manage Land Worth €6.6 Billion

Altamira doValue is launching a new strategic plan for 2024, which includes the development of 200 projects and the creation of a new land manager: Ádsolum.

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The real estate servicer Altamira doValue, owned by the Italian group doValue, has presented a new Strategic Plan for the next 3 years (2022-2024), through which the company intends to transform, grow and diversify. One of its key features is the creation of a new company, Ádsolum.

The objective of the launch of the new company is to grow in the comprehensive “end-to-end” real estate management space, say sources at Altamira. Ádsolum has an initial portfolio of land under management worth 6.6 billion euros, and the objective of obtaining new real estate development mandates, according to the sevicer.

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