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Alma Grupo Inmobiliario Negotiating Land Acquisition in Central Madrid

Francisco Flores, the CEO of Alma Grupo Inmobiliario, stated that "we are negotiating the acquisition of three or four plots of land for new developments."

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The residential developer Alma Grupo Inmobiliario is negotiating the acquisition of up to four plots of land in Madrid, according to Francisco Flores, CEO of the company, in an interview with

“We are negotiating to buy three or four plots of land within the M-30 for new developments, from six to 12 homes, with a sales volume for each project ranging from 2.5 million euros to 5 million euros, which will lead to a turnover of around 10 million euros,” said Mr Flores.

In addition to Madrid, Alma Grupo Inmobiliario is focused on the Almeria Coast, specifically in Mojácar and the surrounding area, “where we specialise in single-family homes due to the high demand from both Spanish and international clients”, the executive explained. “We have around 40 homes planned, as well as the construction of a commercial area for the property branch,” he added.

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