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Aliseda to Sell a Portfolio of Commercial Assets for 100 Million Euros

Eduard Mendiluce CEO de Aliseda Inmobiliaria y Anticipa

The portfolio includes high street commercial premises, a shopping centre and a shopping mall in several Spanish cities.

Aliseda is seeking to raise investor interest. The servicer led by Eduard Mendiluce has commissioned JLL to look for potential investors for a portfolio of commercial assets, with a price that could reach 100 million euros, according to Brainsre.news.

The company, 51% owned by Blackstone and 49% by Banco Santander, has put on the market a portfolio of 10 assets: three high street premises in Almeria, Cordoba and Madrid; supermarkets in Las Rozas, Madrid, Getxo, Las Palmas and Vigo; the Vera Plaza shopping centre; and the El Osito retail park in Valencia.

These assets derive from the Quasar Portfolio. JLL will now look for investors interested in acquiring the entire portfolio or specific assets. “This is a study of investor appetite in the market,” say sources close to the operation. In any case, it is not an accelerated sale process.

The servicer generated value on these assets, closing rental contracts with major fashion and supermarket firms. Now, as an asset manager, it is looking to divest, which will allow it to return the capital with capital gains to its participants. When asked, Aliseda declined to make a statement.


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